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Increasing economic uncertainty Ontario Teachers' needed a brand that would differentiate them in a global marketplace

Seeking to expand globally, OTPP needed a brand image that was more bold and ambitious. While our research showed that we were a trusted brand, we scored lower on recognition. We needed to focus our identity, embrace powerful storytelling and continuously embrace brand excellence in consistency and quality.

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Task & actions

I lead the in-house Creative team throughout the entire project: from ideation to production. Co-ordinating with multiple vendors (and multiple streams of work), we researched, conceptualized and produced multiple outputs to ensure brand quality.

  • Holistic brand guidelines (from brand story, to aesthetics and omni-channel outputs)
  • Digital brand design system (to inform our handful of websites and applications)
  • Templates for PPT, social media, reports and print items.
  • Icon and image libraries - to empower non-designers to implement content with excellent photo selections.

Also in my duties were:

  • Leading brand roadshows and information sessions with key stakeholders & teams
  • Leading workshops and creative sessions
  • Advocating for accessibility and DEI
  • Navigating the goals of multiple divisions, leaders, teams and users.
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Consistent and of quality

Through embracing of our design elements, we were able to create a bold and ambitious brand that makes a mark. Through striving for striking storytelling and strong aesthetic, we've seen increased engagement across all four of our key audiences (corporate, investments, member and careers).

As we evolve our practices, we are also refining our brand, from embracing a 'living' style system to constantly testing ways we can further our storytelling. From how we express ourselves in PPT decks to our online UX, our agile approach allows for Creative teams to experiment and evolve our practices.

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-Sam Sarnia, CEO
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan