Sharing a passion
for action

The 'Connected purpose' video was aimed to attract potential employees who seek to make a positive impact in their careers by contributing to paying pensions for the 1 in 12 households of OMERS pension plan members.


Noting increasing competition for talent, OMERS Pension Plan wanted to differentiate itself from other employers and entice top talent by emphasizing its commitment to community and culture.

Oxford employee Chris reads about OMERS 90% satisfaction score

Chris reflects on OMERS achieving a very high plan member satisfaction rating


The “We Live It” Campaign (created by my team with Big Red Oak, our video production vendor) showcased OMERS employees in action and motion, living their values and leading positive social change.

Custom laminate to celebrate Pride at OMERS and Oxford

Lucas shares his experience using OMERS benefits for his mental health


The campaign resulted in a 20% increase in job applicants, leading to "higher quality candidates," according to the talent acquisition team.



The 'Community' video celebrated OMERS events and community in a vibrant 'social feed' of event photos and employee testimonials.

This “We Live It” video showcases OMERS collaborative culture.

This "We Live It" video showcases OMERS dedication to employee growth

This film highlights OMERS’ commitment to the mental health and wellness of employees.

“This is a quote about the project
from the client/stakeholder”
-Sam Sarnia, CEO
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan