Global UX
for OTPP

OTPP homepage design

My team rebuilt the UX and IA of using Figma and AEM
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With eyes on global expansion, OTPP needed a lightning-fast website that allowed for regionalization (including differentiated content in Asia versus North America). This project required a complete overhaul of the site structure, content strategy, and user experience.

The OTPP website on mobile phones

We designed the OTPP website to be mobile-first and mobile-fast


Using UX and atomic design, my team:

  • Re-envisioned the information architecture (IA) and user-experience (UX) to address modern business goals and target audiences.
  • created a Figma-based style system "to rule them all" for 7 cross-functional teams to prototype, test and build with consistency.
  • built a component-based CMS allowing for dozens of personalized, regionalized components which empowered content creators to instantly-publish, without needing development cycles.
Website style guide sample

Sample of the brand style guide that informed our component structure


The updated site reduced development costs and led to massive time savings in all facets of communication. The simple, searchable IA targeted core audiences efficiently, identifying and branding to four target groups (Corporate, Investors, Talent, and Plan Members).


The investments section of the website
Dozens of components used as building blocks for the website

We build custom, multi-purpose components with built-in personalization, allowing for rapid publication of targeted, region-specific content.

Atomic design guidelines to inform the larger UI UX

Each component was atomically designed to ensure consistency and brand quality.

Our Design System was Figma-based to empower multiple collaborators

Figma allowed for seven, cross-functional teams and vendors to add, modify and refine the design system. All building from the same framework.

Sample web pages on mobileOTPP homepage
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