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Vanessa Mariga
Julia Thomas
Linda Keon
Brad Hughes

When plan members started to barrage our Call Centre (with questions about retirement), we needed to ease both external and internal pressure.

When your Call Centre features highly-trained team members, you want them answering calls that require a special touch. When the Centre was flooded with a new wave of potential retirees, we knew that we needed to act fast.

Sample emails from Your Moment campaign

Your Moment campaign email targeted to members aged 40-65

Your moment campaign on Facebook

Your Moment campaign featured on Facebook

A print ad for the Your Moment campaign

Your Moment mailer sent to members ready to retire

Task & actions

My role in this project was to help the team understand the roots of the problem, and then use our omni-channel of communications to solve it.

This required research involving social listening, data and analytics and usability sessions. Upon our findings, we held ideation sessions to come up with ideas around solving for this increase of call activity.

Embracing your moment

For many, the decision to retire is one of the largest decisions plan members have to make. This is where the education campaign 'Your Moment' came to life. Realizing the multiple calls where ranging from sweeping concepts to minute details we:

  • Created an educational 'drip campaign' through highly-targeted email - providing quick tips and links to help members find information quickly
  • Filmed a social media series called 'Real Retirement', featuring an actual plan member who was getting ready to retire. Each episode quickly featured her learning about her options, providing tips and living her best pre-retirement life
  • Re-designed the 'Preparing to Retire' content on, to ensure that our content was providing the right answers to member questions.
  • Targeted our members in the 'pre-retirement' zone - aged 40+ for social, email and web visits.
  • Created 'how-to' videos showing members how to use the online tools (such as document uploading and calculating retirement scenarios).

Easing does it

By getting the right info to our members who are planning to retire soon (or soon-ish), we were able to reduce Call Centre activity by 20%. This reduction meant the Centre could breathe easy and take on more complex calls. Through surveys and polls we found that members enjoyed the campaign, embracing the 'ease and simplicity of finding just what I need.'

Your Moment email on a mobile phone
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