Invested website sample

We created INVESTED as a platform for our Responsible Investing stories.

It all started with hints from social media and email campaigns.

Plan members were becoming more interested in learning about our investments.

To test the hypothesis, we created an experimental email that highlighted our investment in Atlantic Aqua Farms.

The success of this email led us to create INVESTED, a series that shows how our investments pay member pensions.

Invested email sample

Building a brand

With the rising engagement data from the Atlantic Aqua Farms email, we knew that it was time to highlight our Responsible Investing stories.

We wanted to brand the campaign so that it's visual identity felt fresh and also part of the Ontario Teachers' brand.

We achieved this by balancing the corporate tone of Ontario Teachers' with pops of yellow. This brought a warm tone to a confident design.

We also felt strongly about positioning the INVESTED logo under the Ontario Teachers' branding to establish trust.

Invested logo and colour swatches

Collaborative curration

Did you know that Almonds are seeds? Neither did we until collaborating with our Responsible Investing partners.

Combined with the brand voice and aesthetic, these 'golden nuggets' of data helped reveal the hidden stories behind our investments.

When visualized, this data creates compelling content pieces that we plan to engage members across our omni-channels of web, email and social media.

"Tony was a pivotal player in creating the Invested brand identity." -Vanessa Mariga, Content Lead

Continued experimentation

We will be closely monitoring our stories' engagement data as we roll-out each piece of the INVESTED campaign.

From surveys to in email 'thumbs up/thumbs down' options, we will gain feedback from plan members to understand what's working.

With data gathered, we will have a clear picture about the channels that members respond to. We will then iterate and optimize the campaign to drive future engagement.