Our data showed us that plan members didn't understand how sustainability and inflation go hand in hand towards paying their pensions.

When we looked at Inflation campaigns before 2015, we realized that members weren't understanding the complex messaging.

Being new to Ontario Teachers', I made it a personal mission to not only simplify the story but also tell it in a more compelling way.

This meant breaking the story into tiny chapters with one to two paragraphs of copy and letting interactive elements explain the complex, through play.

choose your own pension adventure

Hope the Hedgehog

We created Hope as an avatar for our members, no matter which "pension path" that they were on.

With path selected, our plan members would experience a personalized journey through sustainability. From learning about the Cost of Living to the Consumer Price Index, we provided interactive elements to explain how each factor contributes to their inflation protection rate.

Inflation slider

A fruitful forest

The Inflation 2016 website went on to win a number of international awards, being recognized as a highly creative way to explain finance.

We also received very high praise from the members surveyed about the website. On average, we scored a 97% rating on member comprehension of the subject matter after visiting the site.


Inflation 2017

With data that suggested that our plan members engagement rating started to drop off after 6 screens, we decided that our campaign for 2017 would an even more digestible version of the content.

We also wanted to try transposing the theme of sustainability from the forest to a more musical metaphor.

Visit Inflation 2017

A quiet melody becomes a surprise hit

Having come off a series of videos that were upbeat, I wanted to experiment with creating a video that felt much more intimate.

With soft and slow melody, our softer take on inflation has become the most-watched Ontario Teachers' video of all time.

The Inflation 2017 microsite and videos went on to win a number of internationally recognized awards.