Dashboard software in Call Centre

The Enterprise Desktop (Ed), now in year three

I was only a few months into working at Ontario Teachers' when I was brought in to design a system that creates deeper understanding of our plan members.

With little time, I knew that the key to winning leadership was through asking better questions of them. Through these answers, we were able to generate a mind-map of all of expectations that leadership had towards this new system.

It was then easy to break the concepts into key dimensions of the product and start our strategy from there. Efficiency, Judgement and Insights were just a few of the key principles where we started our thinking.

Enterprise Desktop in Action

From mindmaps to whiteboards to wireframes

What started a boxes on a whiteboard quickly turned into a system that utilized four key screens made of smaller modules would be the quickest way to give a Call Centre staff member a holistic overview of our plan members.

Modules would adapt, shrink and grow, depending on the scenario - taking a call or fulfilling a member-related process. And underneath it all, is the coach.

working at the whiteboard

Business Intelligence creates proactive service

The coach module uses business intelligence to help our staff be more proactive with plan members. From providing insights to suggesting follow-ups, the coach acts within the best interests of our plan members and our staff.

Using AI to coach employees

Year three and counting

Within one month of leading the think-tank, we pitched and won over leadership. The Enterprise Desktop project went into production and now in year three, it's shaping to become everything that we had hoped.

Enterprise Desktop in Action