What it would look like if the Executive team shared an Instagram account?

Internal Communications approached me wanting to create an inspiring video that showed the many cultural evolution stories at Ontario Teachers'. They also wanted them to be short and sweet, by only using 6 words.

Inspired by Instagram stories, we imagined what it would look like if the Leadership team shared an Instagram account.

Speaking of sharing, we also had to feature over twenty people within a two-minute playtime.

Leader engaging with team

Moving at the speed of culture

With the Leadership forum right around the corner, we set up rapid-fire shooting sessions, went directly into editing and then onto the next person. We had to plan the sessions wisely, as we were committing to the chronological way that Instagram stories work. While done rapidly, viewers not only get a sense of the journey, but also a 'day-in-the-life' of Ontario Teachers'.


Investing in and evolving from

With many recent culture-evolving projects, we wanted to incorporate subtle nods to as many as possible. From 'Dress for your Day' to Inclusion and Diversity to EPIC; we wanted to show our audience that we're investing in and evolving from these projects.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Tony Hanyk in our Member Services division for his work on this video. He is the creative genius behind what you see here and has been a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond to produce this in addition to his day-to-day work. Thank you for being a great partner, Tony!" -Christine De Siato      Director, Internal Communications
6 words from the London Eye


After a full day of icebreakers, strategic updates and a reverse Q&A, the 6 Word Story was shown to a very receptive audience. With positive applause and kind words from Ron Mock, the video lives on through the Ontario Teachers' internal website, On Ten, in an article that features many positive comments.

Ontario Teachers' Leadership forum